The event is organized within the annual St. Kliment’ s Days, dedicated to the Patron of the University


Competency-based education model is a key accelerator of positive transformation for next generations towards new skills, creating jobs of the future and forming responsible citizens, in a spirit of invention and curiosity-driven science.  The lenses of competency-driven learning may enlighten public policy continuity in 21st century’s education, with reference to the unconditional core values of knowledge – creativity, innovation, responsibility for the future and action-oriented invention.

The international conference is organized in collaboration with all faculties and departments of the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, in the light of St. Kliment’s days and the academic traditions. The forum launches a discussion platform for scholarly debates and exchange of experience on approaches, methods, models, standards, good practices, policies and programs, in any area of study and in any discipline.  As a follow-up of shared experience during 2020 International Conference “Aspects of Competency”, the current event provides an opportunity for new presentations on the implementation of the competence-based education (CBE) in EU-countries and recent innovative teaching practices.

The conference aims to establish a network for practical exchange and integration of teachers, trainers, researchers, scholars, university professors, representatives of official education institutions and etc., as well as to support young professionals, eager to apply interactive models and digital technologies in dynamic educational settings.

The conference welcomes presentations that fit, but are not limited to, the following thematic tracks:

· Concepts and methodologies of the competency-based approach;

· Strategies and public policies in education;

· Multiple applications and multi-faceted aspects – in the area of school, university and higher education,

· Good practices and innovation models;

· Looking ahead – Horizon 2030

· Reasons of taking competency-based path.