Paper Requirements

Papers should be submitted for printing in MS Word 2003 or a newer version of the programme.

Each paper shall include Abstract and 5 Key words in English. The abstract should be one paragraph, of 100-200 words, which summarises the purpose, methods, results and conclusions of the paper.

Maximum length: 10 pages, all tables, figures, and appendices included; line spacing should be set at 1.5.

Page Setup: Top – 26 mm; Bottom – 20 mm; Left – 20 mm; Right – 20 mm; Paper Size – A4.

Title: Font: Times New Roman; Size: 14 pt; Font style: Bold; Alignment: Centred; Effects: Capital letters; (Followed by a blank line).

Academic degree, name and surname of the author (or co-authors): Font: Times New Roman; Size: 13 pt; Font style: Bold & Italic; Alignment: Centred.

Higher Education Institution/Organisation: Font: Times New Roman; Size: 13 pt; Font style: Bold & Italic, Alignment: Centered; (Followed by a blank line).

Main text of the paper: Font: Times New Roman; Size: 12 pt; First line: 12 mm; Alignment: Justified; Spacing: 1.5 lines.

Chapter titles in the main text: Font: Times New Roman; Size: 12 pt; Font style: Bold; Alignment: Centred, (No blank lines left before or after the title)

Tables, graphs, and figures: Centred; numbered with Arabic numerals. The names of tables, graphs, and figures should be centred and positioned above tables and below graphs or figures.

Citation: Footnotes, listed in ascending order, Footnote Text – 10 pt; Number format: 1, 2, …

Bibliography: should be prepared according to the following scheme: author’s last name, initial of the first name, publication year (in parentheses), title (italics), publisher, place of publication and eventually the number of page. Example: Smith, D. (2008), The Cultural Foundations of Nations, Blackwell Publishing, Oxford, p. 5

Annex application form